Party on Two Wheels.

It was the best party on two wheels.

It was the San Rafael Twilight Criterium, put on my Ryan Dawkins at Project Sport.  And a party it was.  I love this race.  It has everything you could want a more.  Podium girls, big crowds, twilight, champagne, VIP…all in my own back yard in Marin.

Photo by Bob Cullinan

Phew.  I was nervous to put on a show in my hometown.  It was my crowd, and it was fabulous.  The fireworks went off, and the show took off with a bang.  We were able to launch the race into a tumultuous orbit, and deliver Coryn to the line for the win.  Win. Win. Win.  She is a rocketship.

It was sweet.  I love my team, and I love Marin.  It was a great night.

Photo by Bob Cullinan

Thank you for all who came out and cheered, I know I didn’t see everyone, but that was a great welcome back to bike racing in Marin!

It was definitely a party on two wheels.  I needed that.

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