Planning a Bike Race.

Rain, rain go away, come again after Labor Day.

Woke up in St. Louis to rain.  Not a mere drizzle, but a pretty consistent Midwest thunderstorm.  Humid, wet, rain.  There goes our morning ride plans.  Oh well.  Another big breakfast and then on to the important things.  Lounging, and contemplating racing. 

Day 2.  Start time, approx 3:30, but it was delayed until 4:00.  Oh well.  The kids race must go on, and we will be delayed.  Props to those kids out there racing!  HUGE groups of little ones.

The course had some slight false flats, or rollers, and was longer then usual.  1.3 miles long.  We started the race.  I tried to pull a BLWM, and attack first.  Did it.  Attacked out of Corner#1.  Just to warm-up.  The onslaught continued throughout the race.  The course was wide open.  Too open for a break to go up the road.  Yet, the attacking continued.  It was a good race, but not a selective course.  Things started heating up with about 20 minutes to go… There was a solo Type1 rider off the front, and we were surfing the moves, getting ready for the last minute bombs to go off.  And, then bam, they started happening.  5 laps to go, I bridged up to the break, and sat on…sorry, ladies, but I got me a good sprinter back there, I will just watch.  Ha.  We were caught with 2 to go…then Colavita started there leadout.  5 girls deep.  I was ready to do something.  BLWM told me to wait, and wait and did.  She surfed the CV leadout, and was managing fine.  We let them do their work.  Then Tina jumped with KB on her wheel.  This was dangerous, so Kat made such an amazing move.  She jumped with everything she had, and bridged up, closed the gap, with BLWM on her wheel.  Kat swung in the inside and was first through the final corner.  The jumps happened, and Brooke (BLWM) jumped around for another W!  Nice! 

It was amazing to watch the TIBCO train reshuffle and race our bikes… You can plan for a bike race, but you can’t plan the bike race.  Things happen.  You need to re-shuffle and get ready to adapt to the changes.  Way to adapt, to change, to stay in the bike race, and still win!  With the little numbers, we were required to respond to the late attacks, and then, let the other teams do their work, and still won.  I love having confidence in my team. 

2 down. 2 to go.

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