Preparation for the Tour of the Gila

How do you prepare for the Tour of the Gila?  Good question.  I will let you know when I figure it out.

Altitude. Winds. Heat. Snow. It’s got it all, and we have only done two stages so far.

You can go up to altitude to acclimate.  You can try to do VO2 max efforts while only breathing through a coffee stirring straw.  You can purchase wind tunnel time and try to ride into a 45mph head wind to get a taste.  You can go to the desert until your skin get scaly and cracked like a lizard.  You can try to turn yourself into a mountain goat that thrives on climbs and oxygen deprivation.

Or, you could just suck up your pride and go to the Tour of the Gila.  Bam.

What did I do in preparation?

Trinity to Spring Mtn.

I got to ride with one of my most favorite teammates ever, Lauren Tamayo.  If I am allowed to be infatuated with her, I will be.  Cheer for her at the London 2012 Olympics on the track with USA! *insert applause*  The ride was well worth her flight across the country.

I got to work on my tan lines at Sea Otter at my first bigger race of the year.  And yes, I put a SRAM frog tattoo on my arm.  I am tough.  Toughness surely will help at Gila.

Now on to the next stage.  Hope the preparation helps.




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