Quick Update

The glamorous life of a professional cyclist is about to go into full swing.  I am about to leave for a month of traveling and racing, where I will hit all the vacation destinations of North America.

On tap:

  • Tulsa Tough, Tulsa, OK
  • Ottawa, Canada
  • Nature Valley Grand Prix, St. Paul, MN
  • US Nationals, Bend, OR

This weekend was a great weekend of racing locally with some of the best riders.  I love living in NorCal for the solid competition, challenging courses, and quality people.

Check out a blog here about some of the races from the weekend. I think Michael Hernandez is much more witty and creative than me.

I finished with 2 podiums, and some good racing in my legs.  I will fill you in more later on my persepective from the weekend!

Now, back to making sure I don’t forget anything before hitting the road!

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