Really Bored…

“If you want to train really well, you have to be a little bored . . . those [rides] every day need to be the most interesting things going on in your life. . . he ran, ate, ran, ate, slept, and arose to do it again.”

My friend brought my attention upon this quote.  Now, I am not doing any sort of heavy training recently, actually far from it, but this quote has made me think about it.  When I am focused into my training, that is all I want to do.  That is what excites me.  That is my outlet.  That is my mission.  And it is remarkable that at the end of the day, my sense of accomplishment is my training.  Surely I need to put things in perspective.  There are world problems, they are loved ones, and there is life.  Maybe I can suffer from really cultivating the monotony of training.  However, I vow never to take it for granted.  I am blessed.  Maybe I am obsessive compulsive.  Maybe I am extremely driven.  Maybe I am boring.

With my recent time off, I realized that I have the time to do other things.  I have packed my schedule with the important “to do” list.  I visited my best friend.  We found her wedding dress.  I got a manicure and pedicure.  I spent an extra day with my Grandpa.  I have gone out to eat, on coffee dates, and even a trail run.  I wore a festive party dress.  I am not bored, and I miss my training, but it is good to be in the present.  To soak in the little things in life.  To appreciate friendships, food, community, and the holidays.

Next week I am back into my focused training, but until then, I have learned to relish in my freedom.  To make my life full of the good stuff that doesn’t involved two wheels.  I can’t wait to get back to my routine and my focus.  Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be a little bored.  Or boring, perhaps.  I will still keep my 9pm bedtime though.

A boring girl, but it could interesting to see what is to come.

Who says I am boring?  Maybe I just am goal oriented.

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