Yesterday I rode my bike outside.  It felt like a revelation.  It was one of those moments.  Those moments where you appear normal to the rest of the world, but you are exuberant.  You are bursting at the seams.  No one knows where you have been, or where you are going.  You are anonymous, yet you are in middle of your very own revelation.  You are on an adventure.  You are conquering the world.  No one knows, but you want to share it with someone.  Anyone.  Yet everyone keeps going along their pace.  Their pace is a lot faster then mine.  They have mirrors on their helmets, and are wearing flourescent yellow, and they are at a pace that is mach speeds compared to mine.  Oh well.  I am still happy.  They do not notice that I am shining through my pores.

I had great plans.  I had the wind in my hair, and the sun on my back.  I was winning.  I don’t know what I was winning, but I was winning.  I had great plans.  No one could get me off the bike, not that I could get off of it anyway with a healing fractured pelvis.  Oh well.  Then, there I was.  12 minutes into my epic ride, and I realized, it was time to turn around.  Yes.  I was done.

I had a revelation.  It was 30 minutes outside.  It was 30 minutes of joy, of frustration, of realization.  It was worth it.  I went back on the trainer for 2 hours.  Trainer time.  But I had been outside.  Did you notice me?  Did you see the light from where you were?

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