Riding your bicyle all day…

The other day I got to ride my bicycle all day.

You may ask, don’t you do that all the time?  Aren’t you a professional cyclist?  Don’t worry, I am a professional, but that doesn’t mean I don’t “get” to ride my bike all day all the time.  Sometimes I don’t want to.  Sometimes I am not allowed to.  Sometimes I don’t like it.  But then there are those days…those days you clip in, ride all day, and never look back.  You aren’t bridled to your power meter.  You aren’t worried about time constraints.  You aren’t ignoring fatigued legs or a growling stomach.  If someone told you that you were about to cover the furthermost distances withing your reach, and the deepest inward depths of your insides that day, you would think it was impossible.  Then, it wasn’t.  You did it.  You got to ride your bicycle all day.  And you loved it.

Have you ever finished a ride thinking, oh the places I have been.  No one quite understands the ground I have covered, the challenges I have conquered, and the personal battles I have won.  I have not only travelled the world, or at least the great expanses of the wide open spaces in my backyard, but I have loved every minute of it. I never fought myself.  I didn’t fight my bike.  I didn’t grimace at others.  I laughed with good training partners, and I even found humor in myself.  It wasn’t just a bike ride, it was a privilege.

I got to ride my bicycle all day the other day.  And I loved it.  Where did I go?  That is my secret.  When was it?  Not important.  It happened.  It was my day.  What was yours?

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