Rules of the Track#2

Rules of the Track #2

Communication.  You must always communicate with you team, and the other riders on the track. 

“Stick!” This means, “hold your line”… or if you don’t have time to get out that one syllable word, then just scream.  A loud voice can do wonders when travelling around the orbit of the track.  “Ah!” seems to have the same result as anything else uttered.

“Stay!” Means just that. Stay where you are.  A big crowd of sprinters may be approaching you in a flying 500m, so hold your line, keep your line, and don’t deviate.  Deviation could result in complete destruction.  When in doubt, just stay where you are, and keep pedaling. 

With good communication, the “organized chaos” of the track can run smoothly, and sprinters, endurance athletes, and teams can all get their training in. 

The track is only 250m long, but with all the lanes available, the embankment, and the reliable communication of the riders, you can hit mach speeds without killing anyone.  It really is incredible.

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