Santa Baby…

“I’ve been an awful good girl…

Next year, I could be just as good…if you would just check off my Christmas list…”


Speaking of Christmas lists…I have compiled one while driving the 220 miles from Mill Valley to Millville.  Sound similiar, but these areas are both beautiful, but worlds apart….


My Christmas List:

1.       Funnel.  Yes.  I want a funnel.  I like making tea (see #9), and sometimes I want to take it “to-go” in recycled bottles, and I need to be able to pour the tea into the bottle without wasting any of its goodness.  I want a funnel.

2.       Shoes.  What girl doesn’t want shoes?  I like Heels.  Boot.  Cleats.  You name it.  It is a weakness of mine, and I don’t claim to have many.

3.       Starbucks Via Coffee.  I love it.  Not for every day, but it is pretty good for instant coffee.  With this product, I don’t have to panic when entering a host house wondering if they have a coffee maker.  Oh yeah, and I need a coffee maker I guess.   Any other suggestions?  I love , love, Peets and Double Shot Coffee!

4.       Lululemon. I know I work there, but still.  I love the clothes.  Nothing like a new pair of stretch comfy pants to make you feel you good.

5.       Felt Bicycle.  I heard I will be riding one next year.  I can’t for her to get here!  I am sure she will be beautiful with Zipp Wheels and Speedplay pedals!  Maybe I will name her.

6.       Peanut Butter.  I heard I would be getting some of that soon!

7.       iTunes.  I need some new music to train to.  I am sick of my music.  Either there needs to become a new Johnny Cash, or Lady G needs to come out with some new music.  Any suggestions?  I will take an iTunes gift card too!

8.       Purses.  I think that goes with the shoes.  Girls like purses and shoes.  But I am very happy with what I have…it is always fun to play

9.       I need one of those tea ball things.  Someone gave me some very nice green tea, but I need a way to make it.  I am into tea these days (that goes back to the fact that I am lacking a coffee maker).

10.    “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men”  That is the reason for the season, isn’t it?


“Santa baby…so hurry down the chimney tonight…


I guess tomorrow night works too…

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