Simplicity is not always found where you look for it.


Sometimes the most presumable simple tasks become complicated in a moment’s notice.  If you need proof of this, watch me try to change a flat or put my rear wheel on my TT bike.   Yet today’s ride was simple.  It wasn’t simple because I was fast and efficient out the door.  It wasn’t simple because of an easy, well-planned route.  It was simple for the mere fact that it was just a bike, a road, and open space.  Every factor agreed with one another.  It was fluidity.  It just worked.  We may have grandiose plans, yet at times, it is just simplicity that we crave.

Snow capped mountains framing a green valley with a quickly moving stream.  A quiet road and a mind full of thoughts.  The bike meets the asphalt, and they dance.  It is a slow waltz that dissolves into the scenery.  It is noninvasive.  It is simple.


Simplicity was found today.  In snow and no leg warmers necessary.  In a late start on a long ride.  In dropped sandwich on a climb.  In a day that may not have been the best, but it worked.  It was simple.  It was just a bike.  It was just a ride.  It was just what I needed.


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