Stage 1

The Camel Race Track

Stage 1 of the Ladies Tour of Qatar.

Roughly 100k.

4 turns.

Flat and sunny and wind.

First race of the year.

Sprint finish, with 2 intermediate sprints.

After being in the piercing Arabian sun today, I am starting to see swirls on the computer screen.  I have a feeling this report will be anything but long winded.  I will have enough wind the next couple of days.

The race was fast, as was expected, and lent itself to some crazy sprints as bikes were tossed around the open roads of the desert that was scattered with massive potholes and botdots on steroids.  We suffered a few causalities along the way, but at the end of the day, we learned a lesson or two and are ready for tomorrow.  More wind is expected, more sunshine, and more sprints.

Qatar is an adventure in itself, and Team USA is ready for tomorrow.

Like I said, short and sweet.

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