Strava, Strava…

Strava, Strava…do you wanna Strava, Strava?

For some reason, I can’t get that Fanta commercial out of my head so therefore it will know be on repeat in your head as well.  Do you wanna Fanta, Fanta…

That being said, I have had a Fanta while riding.  My teammate and I stopped at Turtle Rock in Napa on a long ride, and although we did turn down their “World Famous Egg Rolls”, I did need a Fanta, and she opted for a Snickers.  Ride your bike for a Fanta, a Snickers, a Rice Krispie Treat, and a Strava record.

Do you Strava? I do, and I must admit I am hopelessly addicted.  If it isn’t on Strava, did the ride actually happen?  I don’t think so.  It is a great method to track your rides, connect with fellow cyclists, compete with your friends, and compare your improvements.

Find me on Strava HERE!

I like to Strava, because I like to race myself and I like to win.  I don’t really like doing things I can’t win, so I only race my training partners when I don’t tell them its a race, or where the finish line is.  Therefore, I always win.  Race yourself.  Use Strava.  Drink a Fanta.  Eat a Snickers.

Why do you ride?  I ride to Strava and sometimes for those QOM’s.  Maybe I won’t stop at a QOM and I will go for that KOM as well.  Why not.  Sometimes I ride to see how slow I can go up Mt. Tam after finishing intervals.  Yes, that is me, the professional, doing the paperboy up the mountain.  Don’t judge.  The options are endless.  I ride to express myself.  I love it.

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