Sweetheart, are you in the right race?

Bike racing gives you fitness right?  Yes, we want to enter bike racing with fitness, but we also gain fitness along the way.

It was another fun weekend of racing with the boys, then the girls…

On Saturday, I raced with the men for their 50mile road race before racing with the women.  Thank you gentlemen, for once again, allowing me to “tag” along in your bike race.  It was fun to mix it up, and get some good racing under my belt.  Also, thank you for fixing my number for me.  Ha.  Apparently, I am “so pro” and need help putting my number the right way. I tried to convince them that the blond braid and hot pink Rudys was a give away, but they wouldn’t stand for it.

The moto asked me if I was in the right bike race, and I had to convince him I knew where I was.  Another guy responded that I looked to feminine to be racing as a guy.  I will take that as a compliment.  Right?

Things I noticed about racing with the men:

1) They warm up before a road race.  Wow.  Impressive.  I was still rolling around drinking my coffee.

2) They have some nice equipment.  Fast wheels and cool bikes.

3) They were cordial as ever to the “chick” in their race.

4) They don’t chat while racing like I do.  Oops.  I tried to remain on my best behavior.

I then proceeded to race with the women.  Nice.  It was a good long day of racing, and I was able to get some fitness.

I am ready to rock and roll.

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