Thanksgiving Roll Call: Day 2 “Team”

Family often extends blood relations and obligatory birthday cards.  Sometimes family can be created from times of need, disaster, challenge and humility.  When you realize that you cannot conquer the mission alone, and you need someone there.  You need a shoulder to cry on, or a ecstatic hug for a minor accomplishment.  You need understanding.  You need a leadout.  You need a bottle in a long hot road race.  You need a reminder that you do need a bottle.  You need coffee in the morning, and a dinner at night.  You need a massage, or just a time to process.  You need a therapist.  You need direction.  You need support.  You need laughter.  You need a team, and your team is your family.

My team is my family on the road and off of it.  We are there for each other.

The personal nature of TT numbers...Me and Nicola. Photo by Jack Apple

I am so grateful for a tremendous year on Team TWENTY12, and excited to begin a new year on Team Exergy TWENTY12 for 2012.  This team began with a vision from Nicola Cranmer and she has poured her heart and soul into growing and developing this family.  A family of women and believers in a dream.  A family that is willing to sacrifice and to build.  A family that is there for you when you exceed their expectations, and do not give up on you when you fail.  It is about building strength, integrity, and focus.  It is an incredible team.  It is a family.

Thank you, Nicola and Kristin Armstrong for allowing me to become a part of this family.  Thank you for each of my teammates that have suffered through tears of frustration and tears of happiness.  For allowing my bag to “explode” in the host housing, and lending me a pair of forgotten socks.  For giving me a feed or taking one for me.  For showing me your perfect recipe for an authentic street taco, and providing me with a sandwich after the race.  Thank you for developing a synchronized dance with me when we were delirious in Europe.  Thank you for offering words of encouragement, which sometimes was saying nothing at all.  Thank you for invading my space when I needed the invasion and giving me space when I required solitude.  Thank you for loving me even if I did blow up too soon, and letting me throw a brief tantrum when needed if only to laugh at me later.

Thank you, team.

Have you seen the video introducing the team? Team Exergy Twenty12?

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