That’s a Wrap. Best. Team. Camp.

And that’s a wrap. Team Camp is complete.

Swiss Miss, Me, and the Joshua Tree. Match made in heaven. Photo by Greg Erwin.

Although it was a chaotic week of hard riding, challenging drills, and extensive learning, it was a resounding success.  The best team camp ever. Period.

My Highlights of Team Exergy TWENTY12 Team Camp:

  • Palm Springs. Palm Desert. Palm whatever. I love this place, and I think I will retire there, starting next week, or maybe even today.  Warmth.  Good training. Tough terrain. 1000 Palms. Date Palms. 29 Palms. Palm Terrace. Palm Tree. You name it. I love Palm “blank”.
  • Joshua Tree National Park. What an amazing place! Riding through there was an entirely new experience for me, and one I will never forget.  The scenery was so incredible and clear, I was waiting for the computerized backdrop to turn off to prove it wasn’t real.  Yet, it was as real as could be, and kept getting better. Big horn sheep scaling a rock wall.  Joshua Trees looking like fireworks on a stick.  Huge red boulders contrasting against a bluebird sky. It was the definition of beauty and an image that is engrained within my memory.
  • Teammates reunited.  New teammates merging with the old teammates.  It was like coming home again.  I have friendships that surpass a team contract or a bicycle race, and this is one thing that is irreplaceable.  I was happy to be home, it lifted my spirits and my heart.
  • Grapefruit.  Near the end of a 4 hour ride, I climbed a tree to snag a grapefruit the size of my head, before proceeding to ride the 20k back to the house with 5lbs of fruit in our jerseys. Take my word for it, it was well worth it.  That was a good grapefruit.  I don’t know what got more laughter, climbing a tree in cycling shoes, or riding a bike with 2 grapefruits shoved in your jersey…
  • Black Dresses and Pool Parties.  One of our photoshoots involved some “fancy pants” (or dresses for that matter) glamour, which of course ended in girls jumping into the pool.  Of course, right?  If everyone jumped into a pool with their LBD on, would you?  Nope.  I wouldn’t.  I don’t like getting my hair wet, just as much as I don’t like getting dirty (hence my cyclocross career is nonexistent), but it was entertaining to see my teammates go for it.  Peer pressure at its finest.
  • Christmas in February (but I already wrote about this…) The biggest challenge was trying to get all my equipment and apparel home with me!
  • Speed.  I found speed on my bike with the team as we blazed through the desert canyons like fighter pilots in extreme aerodynamic formation at speeds faster than light.  There is no exaggeration there at all.  Fast bikes. Fast girls. It was addicting.  It was speed.  It ignited my adrenaline and stoked my passion for bicycle racing.

I love me some GRAPEFRUIT. Photo by Greg Erwin.

A huge thanks to management for putting together the best team camp ever.  Simon Cope for flawless directing.  Dave Drumm for expert mechanics.  Kristin Armstrong for perfect weather and location.  Nicola Cranmer for an inspiring team and direction. Michael Ivarone for the intuitive acupuncture and bodywork, not to mention delectable PB&J’s.

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