The Amgen Tour of California Women’s International Time Trial Challenge

What does it take to be defined as the world’s fastest.  Is it simply one event? One moment? One race? One medal? Or is it cumulative victories and continued domination. Is it consistency? Or is it so much more than that…

The world’s fastest women on bicycles will have a chance to showcase their talent, to turn their insides out, to compete against their most feared competitors, and to further add to this decisive title of being the very best at the Amgen Tour of California Women’s International Time Trial Challenge. And I am proud to say that I will be one of these women. One of these 13 riders who will race against each other and the clock in Solvang on May 20, 2011.

I am a time trialist. It is my specialty and it is my passion. My dream is to compete at the World Championship and Olympic level. The Amgen ToC Women’s International TT corresponds with the height of such prestige. This is a world class event, with world class riders. The challenge has been presented, and I crave the opportunity to compete against the very best in the ultimate race of truth. Who will be the world’s fastest?

Time trialing is a simple discipline in reality, an individual against an unforgiving clock. However, there are limited opportunities for such efforts. Andrew Messick, among many others supporting this event, have provided thirteen of the world’s best female time trialists to set the stage for an international competition at the highest levels. To prove who will be the world’s fastest. To combat each other through power and aerodynamics. To test the ability of speed and determination.

I believe this time trial is an incredible opportunity to bring the sport of women’s cycling to the center stage. It will provide the women with the opportunity to race with the world as our audience, as we are able to highlight our sponsors, those who have believed in us and supported us, and to inspire future supporters. What better chance than this? To simply race.

Initially, the time trial was muddled with the critics that were disgruntled with the approach to the time trial. Yes, it would be ideal to have a Women’s Tour of California stage race, or even another stage added to the time trial. Yet, this priceless opportunity for the Time Trial Challenge should not be slighted in the least. The stage has been set. The riders will be in attendance. AEG, Amgen, and SRAM, among other sponsors have put their name on the event, attached their passion, and their belief in my sport. I firmly support them. I will race my heart out. I will do this event justice. I will make my sponsors proud.

The Amgen Tour of California Women’s International Time Trial Challenge will not only be an incredible demonstration of the world’s finest, the battling of arch rivals, but it will also be an opportunity for newer riders to display their strengths at one of the most televised women’s cycling events ever. The spotlight will be on women’s cycling.

Thank you to the Amgen Tour of California and AEG for allowing the women to be a part of this incredible event. The sport of women’s cycling is continuing to grow, and will do so in the future because of opportunities such as this. World class talent at a world class event. If we want to be a part of the big show, we have to start somewhere. Thank you for your belief. Thank you for your support. Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you to those that are behind the scenes fighting for women’s sports. This is a valuable place if you ask me. Who wouldn’t want to be the world’s fastest for the day in front of the biggest audience? Who wouldn’t want the chance to prove it?

The stage has been set.

The course has been marked.

I will be there on May 20th. Will you?

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