The Best Christmas Gift.

When do you know you are important to someone?  One one level it could be that they buy you a RoadID, but you reach a whole new status level when you are on their RoadID!

One of my favorite products is my RoadID.  You have to briefly let me get up on my soap box here.  This product has helped save my life.  It has brought my loved ones to me when I was unable to contact them.  It has offered me peace of mind and assurance that I am not anonymous.

You better check that list twice, Bob.

You don’t have to be an endurance athlete to benefit from having emergency contact available.  You don’t have to be Bob Roll.  You can be skiing.  Commuting.  Dating.  Horsebackriding.  Bikram.  Holiday shopping.  Elderly.  Young.  A pet.  The list goes on.

So what do I think that the best Christmas gift is this year?  Besides world peace, another pair of Uggs, and that new vacuum cleaner that you always wanted (no really…I want a vacuum cleaner this year), is a RoadID!  A gift card for your favorite person or pet.  Show someone you care about their safety.  Gift cards are perfect as well.

Since I care:  Save 15% off any Road ID purchase with code pcAS15. 

Do it!

Maybe I will go on that ride with Bob…

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