The Biggest Castle in the WORLD!

We heard a rumor that just 20k from Limoux resided the claimed, “biggest castle in the world”…. So, we had to go visit it.  This walled city in Carcassone, a town very close to Limoux, contains in a 900 year old wall, as we call it, a castle within a castle, a full medieval town with a huge church in it.  It was beautiful, and well worth checking out.  It sits on hill overlooking the lush countryside of the Languedoc and the distant Pyrenees Mountains.

This castle was awesome…there was lots of opportunities to get yummy treats…

And an opportunity to get a new top? I am pretty sure this a top…made from chain maille…

Before we went to the castle, we had to do some sprint/attacking drills followed by a ride in the hills.  Sinead and I decided to do our own interpretation of a “ride in the hill” in an exploratory fashion.  In our defense, we didn’t get lost…but we were chatting as we were riding along, and climbing…climbing…and climbing… After about 40 minutes of climbing, we realized that the roads were looking strangely…unfamiliar.  Where were we?  We had some great conversation…but by the time we realized where we were, turned around, and rode back to Limoux, our ‘ride in the hills” took 4 hours and 40 minutes!  Wow!  It was a great day, but a busy day at that!

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