The last rules…

Whether you care about the track or not, the rules we have covered so far, are…

1) Always keep pedaling

2) Communication

The rest of the rules are just as straightforward, and may seem obvious, but if you are ever riding around in your adventures and you find yourself on a slick wooden track with 45 degree embankments, Olympians, and World Champions (does the name Taylor Phinney ring a bell?), and going super fast, you will know what the rest of the rules are.

3) Hold predictable lines (even if you are being pummeled by a group of pursuiters, know you keep your line, and they will move around you…)

4) Pass on the right, and know which are the passing lanes (even though they aren’t marked, there are 5 lanes on the track)

5) Go fast. No really. Go Fast.

That’s it. Go fast and you will be just fine. The faster the better. I learned that on a track you are always going left. Everyone rides the track in the same direction, even if you are from the “other” side of the equator and your toilets flush different, you still ride the track in the same consistent direction. It is the universal law of the track. Left.

 Keep pedaling and communicate and you will fit in on any track you desire, or so I am told. The track is an excellent addition to any cyclist’s arsenal. It is cycling in its purest form. It is smooth, predictable, and concise. Is it hard? Absolutely. But it is well worth the challenge.

I am excited for this opportunity. Yet, as Daniel Holloway (Garmin) came flying down the embankment at me screaming, “AH! No brakes!” I still did flinch before giving him a nervous chuckle. Yes, I realize none of us have brakes, but you didn’t need to point it out. Know your audience. Ha. Welcome to the track, Alison.  No brakes necessary.

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