The Off-Season

Off-season.  The time of year where a particular activity, usually a sport, is not engaged in.  Apparently, this is the time of year where off-season begins. 

The off-season is a new concept for me.  Is there ever a time of year that you don’t want to ride your bike?  The weather seems perfect now, and the roads are calling my name.  The charity rides are just getting rolling, and I don’t require much, just a good cause, food and support!  Why can’t the off-season occur when it is dreary and rainy, not warm and balmy?  I know in January it will be difficult to get on my bike, but in late September, the weather is too perfect to not be on your bike.  However, the off-season is beginning, and I must relish in the fact that I do not have to be on my bike.  Have to?  I thought I “got to” be on my bike. 

Sport aside, I tried approaching this with a business savvy mind.  If cycling is my business, this is the time of year that the business is a particular sphere is slack.  Does this give me an excuse to slack?  Possibly.  For the next month or so, I can go on an adventure.  Possibly add some cross-training and play a little.  Then, it will be back to work.  I don’t feel like I need the break now, but I know that come June next year, after 6 steady months of racing, I will be craving a break.  I won’t be able to take that break, so I will need to recall that time in October where I was allowed to relax and recharge.  I need to remember this time of freedom without structure in order to keep my focus through the long stretches of the season.

Did I say I was lacking structure?  Possibly, yet Charlie seems to have prescribed a couple of 1 min and 5 min tests today to see where I am before the end.  Sounds fun, eh?

Maybe I will start the off-season next week.  This weekend I have Levi’s Gran Fondo and I meeting with Steve Hed.  Yes, off-season can begin next week… I will just procrastinate for now.

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