The Rainy Day Mustache

It was raining today. 

Unlike yesterday, at least I was told it was going to rain. Yesterday I went out for my usual ride on a early Saturday morning, with the forecast saying it was going to be 63degrees and sunny.  Instead of being met with the sun shining through the morning fog, I was greeted by a steady drizzle.  Call it heavy fog, call it a shower, call it whatever you desire.  I call it rain.  I was not dressed appropriately and of course was more concerned for my pretty shiny white Sidi’s then anything else.  I survived.

Yesterday it rained.  Today it poured.  Lots of rain.  A criterium in the rain? Sure.

Moving on, we raced today at the Hippstar Menlo Park Grand Prix Presented by the VeloGirls.  We, I mean 5 Team TIBCO teammates from Colorado, LA, to Mt. Shasta for a little mix up at a local criterium.  It was nice to see other big teams out there, Peanut Butter 2012, Vera Bradley, etc… 

It was raining.  What’s the best practice for racing in the rain?  Go hard, from the start, and stay out of trouble.  Crash in Turn 2.  On 1st lap. ShelleyO attacked from the gun.  Smart move.

 Lap 2 I attacked.  Break initiated.  Me. Becca Much (Das Much, Team TIBCO), ShelleyO (love her, 2012), Lauren Hall (VB), Mary (Touchstone).  Nice.  Team TIBCO had the numbers.  We made it roll.  25 seconds. 51 seconds. 54 seconds. Over a minute. 40 minutes of racing remaining.  We kept working the break.  5 laps to go.  Much and I attacked and attacked to try to get the sprint away from ShelleyO, but that little spitfire is one tough cookie to crack.  She is going places, and I love it. 

She got the sprint, and it was well deserved.  What did I get? A 5th place finish (Much a 4th), and a sweet road grime rain mustache. 

Road Grime Mustache on the Attack, Photo by Steve Axt

Nice.  A safe race in the rain, a little swag, and a decent day of training.

Classic Podium Picture, ha. It's a keeper.

I am holding an umbrella in this podium picture, and Rebecca has a canister of recovery between her legs.  Classic.

Wet and cold.  Time to dry off and get warm.  Rainy day race complete, and don’t judge the mustache.

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