The Trip to Pisa.

On Monday, our last day in Lucca…We had the best idea, but good intentions don’t always end in the best result.  We decided that we were going to take a trip to Pisa, Italy.  Why not? It is only about 35k from Lucca.  Easy, right?  Everyone should see the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.  We filled our pockets with the typical tourist accessories.  Cameras, sunblock, and the typical CrackBerry.  What an adventure.

We set off trustingly following our mechanic, who is our tour guide to Pisa.  Our brave and fearless leader takes us towards the beach, and then a couple of lefts… another left… another left…a dead end…and then a right.  And finally, a dirt road.  It took us that long to figure out he didn’t know where we were going. 

Where were we? 

Everyone gets up on the dirt embankment to see if we can spot Pisa, or a road, or anything??

We continued on the dirt roads of Toscana.  Looking for anything.  Landmark?  Nothing.  A police helicopter began circling us, and we figured we weren’t in the best location for exploration.  Finally, we called mercy.  We turned around, gave up on Pisa.  We went to the beach.

The beach wasn’t so bad.  We got cappuccino, gelato, Coca-cola Light, and then headed home.  When consuming such treats on a ride, I consider them “fueling”, and not bad.  Gelato or a bar?  I choose the gelato…

We never made it to Pisa, but we saw the beach.  I will be back to Italy next year hopefully because I really need to see this infamous tower.  A failed attempt, regardless of the best intentions.  Mission failed.  Next time, Pisa, next time…

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