The work begins.

This week has been work.  Such hard work, I know.

Monday, met with John Novitsky, 2 time National TT champion (50-55)…all day.  We got to go over the “art” of the time trial.  I went into this day thinking I had things under control… I learned so much, and also learned how much I need to learn.  John is an incredible person and I look forward to learning more about going as fast as he does… Or at least try to…  We got to connect our “inner nerd” and I got to pick his brain on all his studies.  Incredible.  It is always an adventure to get 2 nerds together.  Great ride, great company, and now I have to start stretching and rolling.  I can’t tell if I am sore from the bike, or sore from the evil roller.  How bad do I want it?  I hope I want it bad enough to FINALLY roll out that IT band…

Tuesday, I needed to a little time trial actual work.  It wasn’t a compete failed attempt, but I find these types of “tests” very difficult.  I need to learn how to approach this better, not only physically, but also emotionally.  This is going to be work.  As I was suffering by myself around West Marin, trying to motivate myself to push myself.  To go faster.  Go harder.  I found myself in the midst of self doubt, critical analysis, but I did it.  I finished.  And in the grand scheme of things, West Marin isn’t such a bad office.

Wednesday.  Hill Repeats.  I decided to take on the infamous Mt. Diablo.  I took that moutain, twice.  Good day on the bike today.  Working on focused intervals.  Making the time on the bike quality, and not always quantity.  Mt. Diablo doesn’t have anything on Tam, but it is a great grade to train on…

Tomorrow, getting a little blood work done for Rich at Live Fit Medicine… LIfe is good. 

Lots to learn, 3 weeks to go to Cascade/Nats/France.  Yikes.  I guess I need to do the roller now.  There are things I like about the work, and things I don’t.  Stretching does not fall into my list of favorites.  Here we go.   The goal is a ways off.  Little goals will be in between to set benchmarks.  I need to remember the bigger goal.  The work begins.

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