Upcoming Plans…

There are good things happening.

I took an amazing ride in Woodside on Sunday with some of our core Team TIBCO sponsors.  What a great group of people, and really strong riders.  Everytime I do that ride, I love it.  Starts up Old La Honda, down 84 to San Gregorio…the up Hwy 1 up Tuanitas.  It was sweet.  It was 80 degrees, sunny, and a perfect day.  It is always good to get on your bike, but it was just one of those days. 

We are doing some local races this weekend.  Amber, Kat and I are planning on doing the ITT in Sunol on Saturday, then Amber, Kat, Brooke, Ali and I are doing the Mt. Hamilton Classic and then the SugarCRM Memorial Day Criterium.  It will be fun to get back into the local scene, but also fun to race with my teammates!  I am hoping to leap into these races with some European confidence and get my legs back under me.

There are many things happening in my life, with work, cycling, and family.  It is important to take each day in stride, trust that God has things taken care of, and continue to keep positive and have fun.  Bike racing is fun, but I am ready to start my training leading up to Tour de Nez.  I can’t wait.

Charlie lined up my path for me yesterday up to TdN.  I love seeing what I am going to do, and get ready to work.  This should be sweet.

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