I am bionic. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself.

I went to the doctor for the 2nd time since the crash and I was convinced that the xRays would should healed bone.  Well, the xRays showed the bones healing, but apparently I still need to keep growing more bones.  Darn.  Calcium. Vitamin D. Grow bones, grow.

The good news about taking Calcium is that it comes in delightful chocolate chew flavors, and then also in a gummy bear variety.  Calcium never tasted so good.  Oh yeah, and in Greek Yogurt, and goat cheese, and….

I am on the trainer, twice a day.  Increments of 30minutes to an hour.  It is comfortable and I am able to get my cadence to 90rpms now.  I can do an elliptical, and I can swim.  If I swim at the community center, I can even swim in the “fast” lane.  I am so fast.

I went to physical therapy, and got some core exercises I can do.  I am meanwhile pleading with Kristin to not give me an off-season, and just work me into next year.  We will see.  She always has control of the situation.  She likes it that way.

So, I may still be bionic, but I am healing and enjoying sweating every once in awhile, even if it is at the gym.  The gym.  Yes.  I go to the gym.  My gym used to be West Marin, and now it is in an indoor environment, but I am not complaining.  It isn’t so bad.

I am not in bed, I am moving.  I am healing.  I am still bionic, I know it.

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