Updates from Camp…

Day Two of Team TIBCO Spring Training Camp:


Our second day was actually quite eventful.  We started the day with another 3+ hour up and down in Ojai.  Once we got to Ojai, we practiced some team time trial pursuits.  Jeff split the team into two groups of six and the first group was given a 30sec advantage, and the other team was supposed to try to catch.  As we were drilling it as hard as we could to catch the other members of our team, I was pretty satisfied knowing I would never have to chase these girls down in a real race.  Thank goodness they are on my team!


We had to get back early enough to begin team pictures.  Will Roberts, a photographer from San Rafeal, came down to take our photos.  From 2:00pm to 8:00pm we were taking all kinds of team pictures, from casual shots to portrait shots.  We have a pretty good looking team if I do say so myself. 


Day Three of Team TIBCO Spring Training Camp:


With another morning start for an easy ride, we drove out into the Los Padres National Forest to conclude our photography sessions on the bike.  The scenery was absolutely beautiful.  It was a great ride back with a net descent and great company!  The last photo shoot was back on the beach in our 2XU casual wear.  The rest of the afternoon was ours to relax and enjoy the location.  Jeff told us to eat up at dinner though, which makes me slightly suspicious on what tomorrow will be like.


Day Four of Team TIBCO Spring Training Camp:


Kill your buddy.  That was the theme of our ride today.  We warmed up on our ride out towards Ojai again, but then previewed “the course” for the day.  It was roughly a five mile loop containing a steady climb, a kicker, a screaming descent, and rolling flats.  We were to do four laps of this circuit as a race and compete for the win.  We were no longer teammates—it was time to kill your buddy.  The race was hard and fun, and we learned a lot as a team.  We then could continue our training by practicing leadouts, or go for an easy tour of the area.  We chose the tour of our surroundings and explored the Santa Barbara hills for the remainder of our ride.  It was a great learning day, a competitive ride, and another day in paradies.  Alex, from SRAM, came to visit and we all went to this amazing Argentinean restaurant, Buenos Aires, on State St. in Santa Barbara.  It was amazing food and Alex, Lauren, Kat and I got the meat dish.  Yes, every meat you can think off brought out over hot coals and sizzling to perfection right in front of you.  A perfect ending to an amazing day.  Rain is the forecast for tomorrow.


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