Video of Memorial Day Criterium Podium

Memorial Day Criterium.

It was flat. Windy. Could a break make it?  Maybe.

I attacked on Lap 2.  Yes.  Lap 2.  A little aggressive?  Possibly.

As if the 63 mile road race over Mt. Hamilton the day before wasn’t enough, I just wanted to make the race hard and safe.

This initiated a small break, and before I knew it, Kat had bridged up to it as well.  48 more minutes of racing.  We lost our 2 other break companions, and it was just me and Kat.   Kat and I worked the break.  Nothing like a little motorpacing with one of your good friends, who happens to be on a different team.  We kept about a 12s advantage on the field.  It was just enough to keep us motivated by smelling the fresh wind of freedom, but driven as the peloton taunted us taking each corner mere seconds after us.  We couldn’t relax, and we couldn’t relish in our escape.  It was far too dangerous to enjoy the windy conditions, or the feeling of courage.  We pressed on and raced full throttle, taking each pull with strength.  Then with 2 laps to go, I had to think how to win.  I love Kat, but she has a great snap.  I didn’t want to duke it out with her on the line.  I wanted to get away before, but not too early.  We didn’t have time to play cat and mouse.  I jumped with a little less than a lap to go.  I jumped hard, and pressed on.  Kat caught, and countered 300m from the line.  She got it.  I got 2nd.  48min of a 50min race off the front.  I had confidence in my team in the peloton.  If I had gotten caught, we had strength in numbers, in sprinting ability, and in our team. Kat won. I got 2nd. ShelleyO won the pack sprint, and teammate MegG 4th!

It was an excellent way to spend my Memorial Day.  Who needs to attend a BBQ when you can race laps around an office park in Morgan Hill for a glorious podium finish, sponsored by Champion Mobile Notary.  Thank you, Cathy Wong for supporting women’s cycling in the Bay Area!  We really appreciate it!

This is a video of a very relaxed interview after the crit.  Check it out HERE!

Memorial Day Crit Podium

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