What I have learned lately.

Spending time with my sister has taught me a thing or two the last couple of weeks.  She is still the best training partner, although she does have to do two other sports after riding with me.  That just leaves me plenty of time to capture the day.

What I have learned lately…

1. They say laughter is the best medicine, and I couldn’t agree more.  Laughter in its simplest forms flushes out the bad and brings in the good.  Can it remove lactate in the legs while climbing? Quite possibly.  Feel free to laugh while climbing, if you can.  Jump on a trampoline.  Make s’mores.  Play hide and seek.  Sneak attack your teammates in the hotel.  Just laugh.  Laugh hard.  Laugh often.

Just giggling and climbing with the sister.

2. A cat knows how to relax.  Follow the example of a cat.  They stretch.  They sleep.  They eat.  They play.  If I could be any animal, I think I would be a cat.  Not a cheetah, not a panther, just a plain ol’domestic cat that knows how to purr and relax. Meow.

The cat's name is Fluffy.

3.  Store up the sunny days to get you through the stormy weather.  Don’t hide from the storm, because that doesn’t make it disappear.  Take it head on, jump in the puddles, and dance in the rain.  Storms are a fact of life, or so my dad said.  They just make you stronger, and appreciate the smooth sailing.  My request?  More smooth sailing and less storms.  But, trials build perseverance.  Thank God for the sunny days!

Sunny days in the bank with the sister.

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