What is your reason?

There is a reason why we do this.

A reason you don’t question yourself as you Velcro your shoes, buckle your helmet, gingerly place your glasses over the straps in order to look “pro”, and head out onto the open road with a PB&J sandwich, an iPod, a RoadID, and a quest for an adventure.  The adventure may hurt, but in the end, you will feel better.  Isn’t that how life always is?

You will be satisfied.  You will be content.  You will be thankful for the opportunity.

There are many reasons why I do this.  Sometimes I forget them.  Sometimes the path is not clear at all.  Sometimes the pain or the lack of pain numb the sensations.  Sometimes it isn’t easy.  Sometimes it is downright hard.  But there are reasons we do everything.

Riding today through snow, through lava fields, glaciers, and mountains, I was reminded why I do this.  There is something more out there.  There is doing my best.  There is a mission.  And there is a beautiful creation out there.  I will remind myself of this reason when my lungs are searing and my legs are burning next week at the Cascade Cycling Classic.  I may not be able to quite put my finger on the reason, but it was out there today.  It was the warmth, the beauty, and the simplicity of the snow capped mountains contrasting against the evergreen trees and black lava fields.

What is your reason?  Find it today.  I challenge you.

Teammates are a good reason too.

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