Where am I?

Where am I again?  Oh yeah, Georgia.  Atlanta? No. Augusta?  That’s right.

Am I stage racing, again? No, its just Nationals, but it sure feels like another stage race.  Pass the yogurt covered pretzels, bread and butter pickles, and electrolyte, Please.  We are in it for the long haul.

USA Elite Nationals. 

USA Time Trial Nationals.

The time trial was yesterday.

Top 5 Results: Evie, Amber Neben, Kristin Armstrong, ARae, Me.

Not the result I wanted, but it has been a long year, and I still ended up with the classic USA Cycling hardware, the heavy medal and the podium on a very difficult 30k day.  The TT was a sticky course with the temperatures nearing 100degrees and 100% humidity.  Before I knew it, I was time trialing into South Carolina.  Add that state to a stamp in my passport of world travels lately.

South Carolina? Check.  Been there, left there.

Good time trial? Meh.

Have faith.

Crit National Championships.

Teammates: Coryn G. Kaitie. AWelsh. TDub. Me.

Straight forward course with high winds coming in and ominous black clouds billowing towards downtown Augusta.  This was not time for fun and games.  This was time to take ownership.  Started on the front, stayed on the front.  Coryn was going to win the thing.  And with some excellent teamwork, win she did.  The U23 National Crit Champion, Coryn.  She placed 3rd overall in the Elites.  She was like a boss out there.  That is one fast 19 year old.

Me and Coryn Pre Crit Nats. Game on. Photo by John Curry

Tomorrow is a rest day in our little stage race we call Nationals.  Sunday will be the big show.  The road race.  It will be game on from the gun.  With more scorching days to come, we will continue to hydrate, eat boiled peanuts and friend chicken (or at least smell them), and enjoy the Southern hospitality.

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