Riding UP the coast of Northern California Tour Guide

We all have heard about riding “down the coast” of California, but rarely people talk about riding “up the coast”. I am partial to California over any other state, and I absolutely love riding in my home state, and especially in Northern California. Last year, I decided that I wanted to “earn my turkey” and... Read More

Selfish Moments at the World Championships.

Some moments you just want to capture forever.  Some moments you don’t want to dream about, you just want to believe them.  This wasn’t just one moment, it was an accumulation of unique moments spread out over the 3 months that I was racing for Astana BePink across Europe. It was one of those beautiful... Read More

Tour Femenino de San Luis

Tour Femenino de San Luis.  Don’t you love it when men’s races also have an equally exciting women’s race?  I do.  Let’s see more of this please! The TFSL is the first UCI women’s stage race on the calendar and it takes place in the beautiful province of San Luis in Argentina, a few hours... Read More



Talking to Female Cyclists 101

Let’s face it, women that ride bikes are attractive.  If you need a word for it, try using callipygian.  Look it up.  Not only does cycling build great muscle definition and lean characteristics, it also takes a “special” kind of person to be willing to push their limits, set goals, ride a bike for hours,... Read More

20 Tips on How to be a Triathlete by a Cyclist.

I will admit it; I was a triathlete in the past.  It was a brief stint and I am very happy with the career path I have chosen with just me and my bicycle.  Triathlon is an enigma.  It is a sport that effectively challenges the athlete to become a master of three sports that... Read More

My Basic Top 13 Podium Rules.

You created a goal, and you accomplished it.  Congratulations. You have now earned your podium spot at the race of your dreams.  This is an actual race, with a real wooden podium, a stack of milk crates or even orchestrated hay bales.  You have been dreaming of this moment, and it is officially a reality.... Read More

My 10 Basic Cycling Tips.

Since I am a professional cyclist, there are many tips of the trade that I can take for granted, yet it can be so beneficial to go back to the basics. Cycling is a beautiful sport that we can participate in to either race or ride our way around the county or the world. I... Read More