It isn’t all spandex, all the time.

I wear a lot of cycling kits.  A lot.  That’s what happens when you you ride your bike…a lot.

Yet, yesterday, I got to take an adventure to a top secret location to do some shoots with a dear friend of mine, who also races bikes.  And there was no cycling kits involved.

Eric Stampfli, my photographer extraordinaire races hand-cycles across the country at races such as the Tour de Nez and Redlands.  Yeah, try getting a draft off of that! Phenomenal athlete and an incredible motivation, not to mention a great photographer.

Here are a couple of sneak peaks from the day.

Copyrighted by Eric Stampfli

Copyrighted by Eric Stampfli


Copyrighted Eric Stampfli

Behind the scenes.


Thank you to Eric for making an incredible day and I am sure we will have more to show you later.  This is only the begins.



Eric Stampfli has the copyrights to this photos.

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