Just doing…

I love “to do” lists.

I take an enormous amount of satisfaction in crossing out a task that has been accomplished.  Sometimes I will even write a project that I know is moments from completion, just so I can take that sigh of contentment as I scratch it off the “list”.  I don’t always accomplish what I set out to do, but at least I keep track of it.

What have I accomplished lately?

  • Competed in arguably the biggest race for women in the world, the Exergy Tour and went to the after party which consisted of a rodeo, wranglers, and a belt buckle. Yes. Cowgirl Up.
  • Upgraded to an iPhone.  I finally divorced the Blackberry, and now I am using Strava, Instagram and USADA on the iPhone.  I know my “cool factor” is not high enough for an iPhone, but a girl can only hope.  Any advice is welcome.
  • Drove across the 45th Parallel north, where it is often called the halfway point from the North Pole and the equator (but not really since the Earth is oblate but who needs to be particular), on my way to the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic.
  • Won a “sprint” finish at a local criterium, where my pure motivation was to “Dash for Cash”, and I even had to throw my bike for the win.  Who knew I had that in me.  Money is a great motivator.  I also got a trophy.  I like trophies.  We should do trophies more often.
  • Ate pickled cow tongue at the VIP tent post ATOC TT and got my TT bike going 55mph on that descent.
  • Filmed some new ads with RoadID for the year.  All I have to say is that costumes were involved, and some characters.  Get ready to laugh.
  • Visited my sister just enough time to get some sun, laughs, and love.
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