The Silence of Success: #SuccessProject #4

If someone succeeds on a desolate mountaintop, and no one is there to acknowledge it, did it really happen? What if you hear silence instead of applause? What if you don’t even have a witness of your escapade? Did you really succeed? Absolutely. Although recognition is an obvious way to measure success, it is not the only way.

 What does success sound like? It can be a victorious roar, a clashing symbol, or bubbling champagne. Success is explosive. Success is monumental. Success is resounding. But success can also be silent. Success can be lonely. Success is a deep exhale. Success is an internal smile. There are many sounds of success, and some that go unheard or unseen. No one may notice your success and you may not hear anything. No one may give you a nod of approval. Yet, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t success, it just means you are the only record holder.

It is often said that a true champion happens when no one is looking. It is just you and an open road. It is just you and your goal. A race. A diet. A marathon. A project. A program. Did you succeed? That is only for you to know. But who doesn’t like a little celebration party? Maybe it is my selfish side, but I do like to receive a gold star for my efforts. My coach even phrased it, “just because you worked hard, doesn’t mean you did anything special.” How true is that. We all work hard. We all push towards our goals. Does that make us special? Not necessarily, but it makes us who we are, and I think that is pretty special. Thankfully, my coach knows when I need a gold star and when I just need to continue my path.

Don’t be afraid to give others recognition for accomplishing a milestone towards their goals. You know that you want that approval as well. Share the wealth of success, and success continues to breed success. Yet don’t wait for the crowds to cheer, or the award to be given. Success can be a solitary road where no one else resides. It is the path that only you can travel. And sometimes success isn’t found in the result. Success can be having the courage to merely line up on the start line and begin the journey.

Within the last two years, I have been slowly recovering through peaks and valleys from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Although my team and support wanted to see me return to the sport with a dramatic winning entrance, there were times that just starting a race with tears in my eyes should have been equal to any gold medal performance. There were many days you could not see success in my racing or results, but I knew it was there deep inside me, despite my failure to meet expectations. Some of the successes that I hold the closest to my heart are not booming victories. The ones that I protect for no one else to see are the ones that I showed up to a race when everything within me was terrified of a sport I used to love. With shaking legs and a panicking heart, I started the bike race.

Success is not always winning. Sometimes it is just showing up. Success can be found when no one is looking, and maybe not even you. You may not realize that was success until years to come. If all else fails, you can always give yourself a round of applause. Success is found within you.



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