Freeplay Article.


This article says it all.

Well, maybe not it all, but it sure says a lot.  A whole lot.

Not only did I have so much fun with the folks from Freeplay Magazine as we cruised the rustic town of Petaluma, but the Sorella Hair and Fashion Boutique gave me the princess treatment too!  It isn’t every day that a bike racer gets to do this… and I might have ended up with some new additions to my wardrobe, that definitely compliment my RoadID!

Did I mention my favorite fashion accessory is my Exergy Tour belt buckle!?

Thanks to Kristen Peterson for writing the article, and it was emotional for me to read it.  I was very anxious about sharing such personal details, but sometimes things need to be said.  It is what it is.

There are many people to thank, like my teams, both past, present, and future….my friends and my family… And well, like I stated earlier, the article says it all…

So before I get all emotional again, I am going to go get on my bike.


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