The Secret Sauce to Throwing a Bike Party

Every day is a reason to celebrate, and what better way than a good old-fashioned bike party? You know, that kind of ride that delivers pure stoke and reminds you how vivid life can be?  

Dinner parties are passé. You don’t have to make a casserole or a dip to get a pass to this party. You just need yourself, your bike, and your party bibs. I mean, do casseroles even know how to half-wheel or send it?

We all know a good recipe is the key to success of any party. But what about a bike party? When it comes to planning one, think of it like a chicken pot pie but with your favorite hot sauce on top. It’s a confetti pile of sweet and savory goodness wrapped up in the finest flakiest puff pastry dough; an explosion of comfort, flavor and laughter. Add in that exciting burn from the hot sauce and you’ve got all the things that warm your heart and test your lungs. Bon Appetit!    

The Bad-A$$ Bike Party Chicken Pot Pie Recipe  
Cooking time: how much time you got? 
Serves: The Hearty and Adventurous 

1. But first coffee. No day or ride should ever start without coffee. I’ve got a latte problems, but coffee isn’t one of them. There’s no better match than a bunch of cyclists at a Peet’s Coffee imbibing a fresh-roasted blend of caffeine with the perfect balance of bitter, rich, and dark flavor.  

2. Something warm, sweet and flaky. We don’t want our training partners to be flaky, but we sure don’t mind a flaky, buttery croissant or scone. Because sometimes you really must indulge. And a good bike party requires a double dose. 

3. 100 of your closest friends. Guess it goes without saying – this is the main ingredient, and the more the merrier. You will meet like-minded folk that enjoy exactly what you do and are your perfect shade of crazy. You will talk about your spirit animal and your fitness goals. There is a direct relationship between the amount of coffee consumed and the number of friends made. Drink coffee. Make friends. Ride bikes. About now is the time to turn the heat up for a strong simmer. 

4. Octane and Roctane. When the bike party starts to hit that heavy boil, we need to get fired up alongside. GU Energy Labs covers the electrolytes and turbo fuels when the going gets intense. Race cars and race horses require the highest-octane fuel and so do we.  

5. Hakuna Matata. What a wonderful phrase. No need to worry when the Specialized Wagon of Wonder is behind you, supplying fuel, supplies, some hearty good cheer… not to mention materializing a fully stocked pop-up shop at the top of Mt. Madonna. Voila! 

6. A Dollop of Whip. This isn’t your normal serving of whip cream. This is your steed. Your chariot. Your best friend. Your whip! What bike to ride, you ask? Every ingredient of the bike party is carefully chosen, and your whip should be no exception. I tend to put a spoonful of gravel in all my rides. For most of my Peet’s Coffee AMT Adventure Rides, I ride my Specialized Roubaix with 28mm Tubeless Tires and Roval CLX32 wheels. The gearing on that bike is 46-33 with a 10-33 cassette so I can cover all the steeps, the highs and lows, and the in-betweens. A versatile steed, indeed.  And if I really want to bring the heat, I’ll spice it up and take along my ‘mullet’. Business in the front and party, well… everywhere. The SRAM Force eTap AXS 1x front and 10-50 cassette in the back provides some serious bite!  

7. Meat Sticks and Cheese. Because isn’t charcuterie and cheese its own food group? I think so. No bike party is complete without the addition of some salami, prosciutto, and your finest Northern California cheese for garnishing. If you need to sprinkle some potato chips on top, I won’t judge your salty pleasures.   

The Secret (Hot) Sauce 

1. Splash of bourbon. Need I say more? It really compliments the intensity of the “burning quads” flavor.  

2. Happily-Ever-After Party. Amount varies… basically until you realize you’ve been in your chamois too long. Finishing off with friends at Specialized or at our local Specialized dealer really rounds out this recipe. We laugh about that attack to the city limit sign, award King and Queen of the Mountains and just generally have our day’s bragging rights. Before you know it, we start devising our next ride recipe over a beer. Or for lighter hydration, you know there are no laws with claws!

This recipe doesn’t have a soul until the people arrive. The most important ingredient to any bike party is YOU and your crew; come one, come all. We start together. We finish together. We jostle for K/QOM’s and we cheers the day. Are you ready to get cooking??

Look for me on the road (@AMTetrick) and at more bike parties to come. Thank you to Specialized and all my sponsors who allow me to share my passion with you. Life happens. Bikes help.

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