My Quick Holiday Gift Guide

I am more aware than ever that Christmas is quickly approaching.  Yikes!  What do you get your favorite cyclist or enthusiast for the holidays?  I have created a quick gift guide for that special (or perhaps not special, but that pesky picky obligation) cycling person in your life.  You may have drawn the short straw at the family present pool, but at least now, you will have some great ideas.

Drum roll, please.  Can’t you hear those sleigh bells ringing? Oh wait, I mean handlebar bell.
Ali’s Quick Holiday Gift Guide:

  1. Road ID: Talk about the perfect stocking stuffer.  Does your kid run cross country?  Do you hike or horseback ride?  Does your pet need a tag?  Cheap, easy, safety, all in one small and cheap to mail package.
  2. Defeet Neon Slipstream Shoe Covers: My new favorite accessory.  Inexpensive. Bright, fun, and no matter where you live, you need them. Neon is so the new black.
  3. Pearl Izumi Elite Aero Jacket:  No parachute, no puff, no pockets, but just right for me.  Small to shove into your jersey, and protects you from the wind on the cold days without dragging the wind with you. My most favorite jacket of all times.
  4. BlendTec: Yeah, because who doesn’t like to make squash soup and smoothies?  I bet it can make a mean margarita too, just have yet to try that.
  5. WCA T-Shirt: Ok, now this is a shameless plug.  But who doesn’t need a T-Shirt!? Good cause!
  6. SRAM 22:  There is the option to add a Wi-Fli (long cage rear derailleur) and actually ride an 11-32.  Um. Climbing gears without a triple!  I say, YES (although you can just get this one for yourself, since you better really really love the person you are buying this for)
  7. Felt Café Bike:  Smile guaranteed.  I received the Felt 24 Café bike in tangerine last year for Christmas from a sweetie, and has been so fun.  It changed my life.  The bike that is.
  8. Oakley Radarlock Edge XL glasses with photochromatic lenses:  Ok, maybe just any of the glasses with photochromatic lenses.  But with the weather the way it is, and the light constantly changing, I have noticed huge differences in visibility with these lenses as they change with the different levels of light. And the style is paramount.
  9.  Garmin Edge 500 and/or STRAVA:  Because who doesn’t want to wirelessly sync with your powermeter of choice, or smash STRAVA QOM’s… Speaking of STRAVA… a STRAVA premier membership is a good gift if they don’t already have one.  You can send them an e-gift card for that… We all know that we love to foster the already uber competetitive, Type A, crazy friends we have. Begin the friendly or not so friendly competition!
  10. CTS Coaching: Speaking of blasting away your competition, why not “gift” the gift of coaching? I have sure benefited from this! Ride the route for the Amgen Tour of California?  Or the latest that supplies a kinetic trainer, 3mon coaching, and 3 DVDs, too
  11. CR Wine: My favorite wine and offering free shipping for the holidays. Yes. Order some of this.
  12. Shoes, infinity scarves (my latest obsession), sparkly things, wind tunnel time, manicures, purses… oh wait, those are gifts that I want. Nevermind.


Yes, I have some great sponsors, but this is MY holiday gift guide for those on Santa’s good list.  Even though I don’t know why Louis Vuitton or Louboutin haven’t decided to sponsor me…

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