Future of Cycling

What do you see when you hear the phrase, “future of cycling”.  Some of you may see a giggling toddler on a tricycle, and other’s may see a competitive junior cyclist on a frame that is slightly too big.  What do I see?  I see this.

Grampy and I, Team Tetrick, before he WINS another National Championship!

An 81 year old man.  Healthy.  Fit.  Not only riding his bike, but racing his bike!  Racing his bike against fellow competitors his age.  He is winning a National Championship road race that climbs over 4000 feet in 64k.  He is racing a criterium for an hour.  He is doing a time trial.  He is sharp.  He is calculated.  He has an opportunity.  This is the future.  Who wouldn’t want to do this?  Who wouldn’t wish that they could scale mountains at this age?  Who wouldn’t want to still feel that adrenaline rush of competiting, of challenge, and of success at this age?  This is the future.  How do we get there?  We keep riding our bikes.  We keep supporting our events through USA Cycling through NCNCA through the Levi’s Gran Fondo through our training and our bike commute to work.  We just ride our bikes.  We race our bikes.  We stay fit and healthy, and our future looks bright.

My Grandpa and I all smiles before pre-riding the TT course.

Yes, this future may be exemplified by my 81 year old grandfather, Paul Tetrick, but it still can be your future.  It still can be our future.  Feeling inspired yet?  I am.

Don’t discount your future in the sport.  It isn’t only found in the young.  It is found in everyone.

Some of my Grampy’s fellow 70+ competitors and friends

Did I make Tshirts to go support my Grandpa at USA Cycling Master’s Nationals?  Absolutely.  Team Tetrick.   Did this embarrass him?  Yes.  But was it worth it?  Absolutely.  It isn’t everyday you can cheer your grandfather to his 17th National Title, and meet his training partners and friends.  They are the future of cycling.

Thank you to the people who cheered so loud for my Grampy, they made him blush, and for those who randomly walked up to him, and those who sent notes on FB/Twitter of encouragement.  It was amazing! Thanks to all who volunteered, announced (Dave Towle), cheered (Granny), and put on the event (USA Cycling) for making each athlete feel like the future and the champion that they are.

Kris Johnson. Your 60-64+ National Crit Champ! Love her!

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