Greatness comes with vulnerabilitiy.

I find the more I care about the goal, the closer I keep it to my heart.  The less I want to let it out of my grasp and control.  The more I want to savor it, protect it, and foster it.  But is this the true limiter for accomplishing what you set out to do?  Are you guarding yourself from your own dreams?

With great love, comes a potential for great loss.  And a mission for tremendous success can lead you down a path destined for incredible tragedy.  When we are on the brink of greatness, our every sense is heightened and we feel more purely.  What can be truly satisfying, can also be completely devastating.  When caring deeply, vulnerability surfaces and that evokes fear and questioning.  How do we fight this tendency?  With our own individual weapons of confidence, planning, and accountability.

When setting a goal, how do you approach it? Do you advance with precise caution, anxious trepidation, and a carefully executed defense mechanism?  Or do you brashly state your goal, brandish your intention, and make the leap like it was the first time you ever fell in love? You can be fearless.

Think about your goal.  Be realistic of the challenge.  Know your limits, and then exceed them.  Take a jump into the unknown.  Blaze a new trail.  Be courageous.  Set out to conquer that goal with crystal vision and laser focus.  Hold that dream as near to you as possible and guard it, until the right moment,  then release it, and soar.  If you fall, you have already exceeded any of your expectations and you have accomplished much more.

Does greatness come with vulnerability? Possibly.  I am beginning to think so.

What is my goal?  I am not ready to express it yet, but when the time is right, I will set it free.

Photo by Eric Stampfli

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