Dempsey Challenge

What does fluff, lobster, Gritty’s, Grey’s Anatomy, and Exergy Development Group have in common?

Quite simple.  The Dempsey Challenge!  The greatest charity ride with Patrick Dempsey, and yes, he is just as good looking in person, all in support of the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing.

Yes, the Dempsey Challenge was a few weeks ago, and it could be considered “old news”, but I was so incredibly touched by this entire experience, I simply must share it.  I left directly from Maine to France for a season capper at Chrono des Nations, and now I have the time to ponder my weekend in Maine.  Taking place in the cities of Lewiston and ?! in Maine, this entire weekend was where egos were strangely absent and the entire purpose was to raise money for an incredible program that provides cancer support at no cost for its patients.  It is a center known for big hugs, lots of love, and a completely open heart.

My view of Maine from my bike.

I was able to be one of the pro riders to support Patrick in his fundraising efforts, and also represent Exergy Development Group, who was a pivotal sponsor of this event.  I landed in Portland, Maine and was driven directly to the press conference.  Of course the first question I was asked was what I thought of Maine.  After being there for 45 minutes, I already knew that Maine had found a special place within my heart.  Maine is what life should be.  It is a vacationland, but it is a state full of adventure and purity.  It is the perfect location for this center, and the perfect host for the fundraiser.

In Maine I learned…

  1. What fluff is, and was able to enjoy a fluffernutter sandwich.  I will never be the same.  Thanks to Ted King for the introduction!
  2. Gritty’s is an amazing pub that not only supports cycling, but also the Dempsey Center!
  3. Lobster is in every meal, and that is the way life should be.
  4. Some people have houses that are only accessible by boat. Weird. Hard to do a bike ride out of your front door…
  5. Locals refer to the lobster as “bugs” and cook them alive.  Don’t think about it, just enjoy.
  6. No one has to ride alone, no one has to fight cancer alone.  Incredible article written by Bicycling Magazine editor, Leah, that captures that day.

Fluffernutter and hot chocolate!

Thank you to those that shared this event with me, the new friends I met, and the inspiration I received.  Upon departing, I knew I would be back, but also a part of me would never leave.  See you next year at the Dempsey Challenge!

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