San Rafael Criterium, and me at a loss for words…

One of my favorites by Lyne of

It is everyone’s favorite race in July. You know what race I am talking about, and it has nothing to do with France. Well, maybe if you count champagne, it does have a thing or two to do with France.  Champagne and bikes.  Yeah, that will work.  Bike racing at its very best.

San Rafael Twilight Criterium presented by Project Sport. Hands down, my favorite race. Ever.

If you had asked me what is the one race I wanted to win? Yeah, it would be the SRT. Hometown crowd, big city energy. Welcome to the best bicycling event that ever enters Marin County. I love the promoters, and I love the venue.

My new belt, Loren Rowney, Kaitie, and Ryan of Project Sport.

The field was anxious to race, and we were wanting to win. Exergy had 4 riders there, and several options. It was just one of those days. One of those days that you feel invincible. You feel like you are bulletproof and have super powers. Yes. It could have been the Lady GaGa playing for me as I spent a solid 20 minutes of the 70 minutes race in an early solo break, or it could just be the cheers from the hundreds that I know along the sidelines,  or it could be the personalized country call-up song I received, or it could just be my race fitness is back in full force and I was incredibly motivated to win to receive a massive champions buckle inspired by Muscle Milk and apparently the WWE.

Whatever the reason, it was just one of those days.  At then it happened.  I bridged 6 laps to go and proceeded to solo in over the finish line. Arms in the air. Although this doesn’t impress everyone, it sure impresses me.  I have been secretly practicing my victory salutes in training.  It was no Sagan, but it was fun.  It brings chills to my skin, and tears to my eyes to be in that moment with those that train with me, support me, and have all along through the ups and downs throughout these last few years. It was emotional. It was overwhelming. It was one of the best wins of my career.  To make it even better, my teammate Kaitie sprinted for 3 even after hitting the deck earlier in the race. Wow.  One of tough girl.  One tough race.  One great result.

Thank you for cheering, thank you for waving to me out in West Marin when I am training, and thank you for coming out and supporting this event. Although words do not often escape me, in this moment they do. It was just time to pop the champagne, throw the flowers, and get a huge buckle. It was just a moment to smile, to laugh, and to enjoy.

I really am at a loss for words, but my heart is full of gratitude. Thank you for enjoying the moment with me.

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