Having fun in Pleasanton

Did you have fun?

Looks like fun to me. Thanks Larry Rosa for the picture.

One of my favorite questions post race is, “well, did you have fun?”.  I never know how to interpret it.  If I didn’t have fun, then I am slightly offended, maybe even a little defensive.  Fun is relative.  Fun is hard to find when going 150% of your threshold chasing others around in circles on a blistering day where you would rather be at the beach.  Not that I know anything about this.  Fun is sometimes found in the sweat and pain, yet sometimes it just isn’t there.  That’s normal.  Fun can be found in the challenge.  Fun can be found in the rewards post ride.  Think cupcakes or Mexican food.

Safeway’s Fast and Furious Pleasanton downtown criterium.  Did I have fun?  Absolutely.

We raced.  It hurt.  We went fast.  But I had fun.  It is as pure and simple as that.

Oh, and I am the new state crit champion. Who would have thought… I am taking this and running with it.  That will be TOO much fun.

It doesn’t have to be fun every time you ride, or race…just cherish those days that it is.  And look back and smile, and wait for the next one!  You just never know.

Did you have fun today?

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