Podium girl, or more?

What was I doing on the podium in Colorado?

Photo by John Pierce, PhotoSport International

Was I a podium girl?  No.  I will call it a presenter.  I was able to work with the USA Pro Cycling Challenge for Exergy Development Group.  One of my jobs entailed presenting the leader’s jersey.

Believe me, I prefer to be 0n the podium for winning bike races…but…this isn’t so bad, is it?

Photo by Wil Matthews

My days included riding most of the courses with the Carmichael Training System group, and then quickly transitioning to the hospitality tent and then on to the podium.  Yes, I may or may not have forgotten to take off my heartrate monitor strap a couple of times.  Oh, and may or may not have left my podium at the bottom of Flagstaff after riding the ENTIRE stage, had to ride down AGAIN to get my podium attire!  Colorado really came out and showed what we all love about bike racing, and really showcased their beautiful state.  It was an incredible race that I was very proud to be a part of throughout the week.  Do I wish there was a women’s race?  Absolutely.  We had a crit in Aspen, but I wanted so much more!  You should have seen the TT course!  It was perfect!

Women’s race?  Yes, please…even though I hate altitude.  Exergy stay in the sport of cycling?  Absolutely.  Be thankful for the opportunities you have, but never settle for status qu0.

Thank you, Exergy, CTS, and USAPCC!

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