Best of 2013

Recently, Chris Carmichael of Carmichael Training Systems wrote a recap on his “Best of 2013”.  I was pretty excited to make the “list”, which I compare to an Academy Award or something.  I am very proud to work with and represent CTS.  Great people and an incredible program.  It got me thinking about my best moments and memories of 2013 as we swept right into the New Year, and I had to write my version of the Best of 2013! Better late than never, right?

Stealing CTS’s “Best of 2013” and making it mine!

Best of 2013 List

  • My Best Day on the Bike: We always want to feel amazing on the bike, and let’s admit it, these days can be few and far between.  I had an incredible ride from Carmel to Cambria on Thanksgiving Day this year and the best part was not only the spectacular scenery, but I got to ride with some very dear friends and my dad for a part of it.  I think riding bikes isn’t always about racing and the results, but it is about the time you can spend with others in a very unique way that creates lifelong memories.  Thus, this ride was deemed the best ride ever.
  • Quote of the Year: “Make Wise Decisions” This was from my CTS coach, Dean Golich, and it could apply to so much.  Bike racing tactics.  Resting when you need it.  Picking the right boyfriend. Eating well and sleeping enough. Saving energy.  Or in the situation he used it in, when my first run of the year was about 13 miles.  He was right; I couldn’t walk for a week after that.  Why is he always right?
  • Hardest Day(s) on the Bike: Getting a time penalty and relegation at the USA Pro National Championships was a devastating moment for me.  I cried like a junior high girl (what did I use to talk on the phone for hours and hours about back then, and what was there to cry about anyway) and had an enormous amount of self pity.  Yet, you find out that life truly does go on, regardless if you think at that moment the world is revolving around you and your bruised heart.
  • Favorite Equipment Choice: SRAM22. All the gears you ever wanted.  Gear heaven.  That paired with my Felt F1 and a set of Zipp 202 Carbon Clinchers with 25mm tires.  Wow, just typing that makes my heart beat a little faster.
  • Favorite Project: Graduate school.  I started a graduate school program towards a PhD in Neuropsychology.  It has been challenging balancing work, school, and bikes, but investing in me and hopefully making a difference in people’s lives is all worth it.  Ride with purpose, invest in yourself, and change people’s lives.  That sounds like a fun project to me.
  • Most Inspiring Accomplishments from Former Teammates: I am inspired by so many of my past and present teammates, that this is very difficult to choose just one moment.  One of my favorite things about cycling is that when I first ventured into the sport, I realized I was finally home.  I met many like-minded people that I was instantly drawn to.  What I find most inspiring, that is when they leave the sport, their legacy lives on within me through the valuable lessons I was taught, and role models I was able to look up to not only now but for the rest of my life.  And once you are the best at one thing, you have a pretty good chance that you will be great at anything you do after cycling.  Oh, and I have lifetime friends too! Congratulations to Meredith Miller for a tremendous road racing career as she retired this year, and I know she will continue to make an impact in whatever she does next!


Event and Year Highlights:

  • Riding down the Coast of CA for Thanksgiving and meeting an elephant seal.
  • Helping launch the WCA. Expect BIG things.
  • Winning Sea Otter Time Trial
  • 2nd at Chrono des Nations
  • Mountain biking in Pt. Reyes National Seashore
  • Serving on the Pro Committee as the Female Athlete Representative for USAC
  • Racing a TT with my Grandpa, Team Tetrick at its finest
  • Winning a few sprint finishes. Bam.
  • Graduate School
  • 1st track race ever, and 2nd at USA Elite Nationals Team Pursuit
  • Happy, healing and reading!
  • Spokesperson for California Concussion Coalition
  • SRAM22 Product Launch. I like to call it SRAM Camp.
  • Clif Bar Athlete Summit and meeting some of the coolest athletes ever at one of the coolest companies.
  • Carved a pumpkin for my first time and went to a corn maze! Year of firsts!
  • Having a Graham Watson photograph of myself
  • Loving what I do.


Happy New Year to you all, and let’s make 2014 even better. Purpose, investment, and dream.  Make wise decisions.

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