Italian Immersion 101

I am not one to speak in other languages intermittently in my English. Yet, I have found myself guest riding for an Italian team for the next 2 months, and they are demanding I learn Italian. Like, pronto. They say I talk a lot, which, according to them is typical of American women. However, talking a lot is also typical of Italian women as well, they just use their hands more expressively. Or so I am told. That being said, I better learn some Italian quickly.

Taking French in high school has given me just enough information to be dangerous. We will call this Italian Immersion 101. Welcome.

Nothing like being able to commiserate with ever toddler I know as I point out an inanimate object that I just learned the name for and call it out. Maglia. Pollo. Sale. Yes, I am wearing a shirt. And that is a chicken. Oh, wow, look at the salt. I then find myself muttering these words as the “adults” resume their conversation. They are talking about me, the weather, or logistics, and I am saying “left”, “right”, “eye”, “the number five” and “crazy”. I am just solidifying that I am in fact crazy.

I am thrilled that Team TWENTY16 Pro Cycling gave me this opportunity and helped make this experience possible.

Photo by John Pierce

Photo by John Pierce

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