Where in the world…recap…

Where in the world have I been?  Good question.  I think the only people that have a firm realization on where my latest travels have taken me are the USADA out of competition whereabouts locator application on my iPhone.

It turns out, I don’t actually enjoy traveling all that much, and can be quite the “home body”.  Yet, not all bike races occur within driving distance of my hometown. Therefore, my travels continue, and I do enjoy most moments of it.

Photo by Alex Chiu

Where in the world as Alison Tetrick been?

1. Boise Twilight.  We won. I could get used to having a sprinter teammate.

2. Cascade Cycling Classic. We won.

3. San Rafael Twilight Criterium. We won. Best. Race. Ever.

4. Menlo Park Grand Prix. We won. (I am now the state crit champ again, go figure).

5. Rock Hill, South Carolina. Supposed to be labeled “training”, but I like to refer to it as my “sweet, steamy Southern vacay”.  As in wine, it is all in the label.

6. Los Angeles. Track Nationals. Wait, what?! Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

Next up? Good question.  It appears I like to go where the weather is warm, the training is good, and the racing is hard.  Home is where the heart is? Try home is where my bike is.


The adventure continues.


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