But give me some ideas…

Ok, so now you want to learn on your bike, but you thought it was supposed to be full of joy and simple?  What exactly are you supposed to learn?

  1. Ride in a straight line.  It may sound simple, but it is harder than you think.  The white line is a great measure of straightness and control.
  2. Ride in a straight line while grabbing your water bottle, while adjusting your glasses, while talking to your best friend, and while singing along to your favorite tune.
  3. Spend a day looking through each corner at the exit.  Always look where you are going, not where you don’t want to go.  Look ahead.
  4. Wiggle your toes.  Keep your feet relaxed.
  5. Keep your cadence above 90rpm for as long as you can.
  6. Relax your upper body and don’t carry your stress in your shoulders.  You are the epitome of loose.
  7. Ride with no hands.  Ride with no hands while removing an article of clothing.
  8. Victory salute.  You think Sagan pulled the running man out of his pocket without ever trying it? Yeah right.  Just get ready for my Lady GaGa salute I have been working on.
  9. Follow the wheel in front of you.  Closer.  Even closer. And closer yet.
  10. Kiss while riding.  No really, it can be done.  Not that I would know…
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