AMT Bandana Project!

Announcement! 🥁 We made things! 💃🏼 I am so excited to launch my latest project – custom bandanas with all of my favorite things. Wild West. Eternal Summer. And the joys of critters, 🍕, and 🍩.

Check them out here!

The goal with this project is to help create the much needed increase of opportunity and accessibility in cycling through scholarships and mentorship. Let’s giddy up to increase the inclusivity and equality in our sport by supporting great development programs, such as NorCal High School Cycling League. As you know, I love rocking the bandana. Who doesn’t? It keeps the dust from the gravel roads out of my nose, useful to wipe the inevitable snot off of well, everywhere it goes, and is a useful and fashionable staple. Now it is an important accessory for my snack stops along my rides these days.

I partnered with Oso Creatives (powered by 💪🏼 Specialized Bicycles teammate and designing queen, Sarah Sturm) to create these one-of-a-kind bandanas that bring to life why we ride and enjoy the outdoors.

It is more than just the bandanas. Proceeds raised from the bandanas will go towards creating scholarship opportunities to bring more women and diversity into the sport of cycling. The first scholarship will be designated for the NorCal High School Cycling League to fund a year’s worth of high school racing for a student-athlete. All will be eligible to apply! I selected NorCal High School Cycling League (a member of NICA) for the first recipient because they are my local community and I can be right there with them every pedal stroke of the way. If we can get these scholarships completed, I will expand to other programs to support in order to continue to bring funding into valuable resources investing in equity and diversity. It is about fun, inclusivity, character, education, and community.

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