Around the World in 30 days.

I have been around the world in 30 days.  Bike racing allows for great memories, experiences, and challenges.  Racing bikes has made me appreciate being home more than ever, but also embrace the incredible journey this is.  Becoming better at something isn’t easy, but it is something we should all strive to do.

First things first. How did I prepare for arguably the biggest race of my season? Let’s see…

I raced locally. Check.

To me, the Oakland Grand Prix and the Premier Series became the World Championships.  In the name of training, anything is possible.  I let my imagination soar, and I enjoyed Northern California racing. What else was I going to do?

Levi’s Gran Fondo? Absolutely!

Fastest Girl. Check. (Magnum bottle of wine included)

Sign Boudin bread, kiss a llama, hang out with some cool people? (Happy Birthday to Craig Roemer!)I love hanging out with rockstars like the Queen of Pain.

Check. Check. Check.

Next? Dempsey Challenge!

More cool people.  Rode for a great cause.  Ate Lobster and Fluff. Was inspired by the champions that fight the battle of cancer.  Thank you to Patrick Dempsey for hosting us.

Motor paced behind Tommy D and Fast Freddie. Only regretted that request once or twice in the 3 hours! Fall in Maine is spectacular. Got to tour a shoe factory and eat a whoopie pie.

Flew to France.

Raced and then won a trophy.

Saw the Eiffel Tower.

Flew Home.

Carved pumpkins and went into harvest party mode while being Tonto for Halloween surrounded by some good looking cowgirls and the Lone Ranger.  Hit the ground running to enjoy everything about the fall!

Flew to LA for a day to tour the Amgen campus in Thousand Oaks, work with Breakaway from Cancer, and teach a spin class with Fast Freddie while Patrick Dempsey was giving hugs and pictures to the long line of women.  Breakaway from Cancer is an incredible program showing that not all breakaways need to be fought solo.  This one, we do as a team.

Flew to Colorado Springs to be the female athlete representative for the Pro Road Committee. I love women’s cycling, and working with our federation, the women’s committee and the WCA to keep the positive changes coming.

Climbed Incline with my sister and Rachel.

Met with my genius coach, Dean Golich, and the legend, Chris Carmichael.  I entitled this picture, the Genius, the Legend, and the Blonde.  I am very happy working with CTS. Not only do they make me a better bike racer, but they always challenge me to be a better person. What more can you ask for in a coaching company.

And now, I am back riding my bike (yes, even some on the dirt), taking a few deep breaths of warm California air and recharging. Being here gives me balance. Doing what I do gives me purpose.

Sometimes you need to take words like sacrifice, focus, and determination, and apply them to yourself in terms such as perspective, balance, and fun.  Don’t get me wrong, I am more dedicated and focused than ever, but if you do it in a balanced way, I guarantee you won’t burn out  When the word SACRIFICE is used, make sure it doesn’t apply to those you care about, who you are, or the bigger picture.


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