Princess for a day.

It was my birthday last week.  No, this isn’t a ploy to get you to say Happy Birthday to me, but thank you.  I will take it.

I must have done something incredible, because I got the privilege of racing my bike on my birthday.  And not just any bike race, a time trial!  It was destined to be wonderful.  Or so I thought.  Then they threw the TT up to Big Bear Lake at the comfortable altitude of 7000ft and I didn’t want to play anymore.  I finished 8th.

Altitude and bike race aside, it was my birthday.  I got to be a princess for the day.  I try to be a princess every day, but at least in this moment, it was my excuse to dawn the tiara in reality.

And what does a really cool bike racer do on her birthday time trial?

1. Warm up in a tiara.  Why not?

2. Get a fancy new DA from Felt Bicycles.  Happy Birthday to me.

3. Add my gift of yellow roses to a host housing basement situation and bag explosion.  Classy.

4. Get a birthday cake with my name spelled wrong, but it was delicious.  My teammates didn’t have the numbers 2-8, so they used numbers that added up to 28.  I’m 98. Someone call 911.

5. My generous hosts also placed a 12 ft inflatable lawn balloon in our front yard.  Yes, it is my birthday.

6. I did get to spend a moment with some people that I love and doing something I loved.  Now, that is a good birthday.  Thank you for all the birthday wishes, notes, and the surprise visits and gifts!  I am truly blessed.

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